For everyone who wants to start making astronomical sketches or improve his or her current observing, drawing and processing skills I hereby offer you my e-book about the subject. It's a very comprehensive work in which I explain every detail about observing and drawing techniques and all of my little secrets. It also contains my entire portfolio, not just my better sketches, because this book is not about showing off. It's about teaching you the skills to make drawings just as nice, or possibly even a lot nicer. Since you always learn from your mistakes, well... hopefully, there's no better way for me to teach you then showing you my mistakes and how you should proceed in order to avoid them.

The book contains four major parts:

1. Observing and Sketching: A thorough guide about how to observe and how to create a sketch which is as close as possible to what you actually saw through the eyepiece. It's not as easy as just putting dots on a sheet of paper. If you want to create a drawing in which positions and brightnesses of the stars and objects are as close as possible to reality, you need to master a couple of techniques first.

2. Basic Elaboration on the PC: Here I explain how to transfer your sketch on the PC and the basic techniques you need to transform a raw sketch into a beautiful image.

3. Advanced Elaboration on the PC: Once you've got the basics right, it's time to move on and master those little secrets which transform a basic computer image into something which comes very close to the eyepiece experience.

4. Portfolio: A list of all of my drawings with comments about what's good or bad about them and how to make them better.

Sorry... no longer available